Sister’s Encouragement Night


A little less than a month ago, the men in my Campus Ministry put together a spectacular night dedicated to encouraging all of the women. They went above and beyond in being gentlemen, opening doors, escorting us from our cars and even cooked for us. The whole night was set up as a’red carpet event, with paparazzi and all. They took pictures of everyone, mock interviewed us as we came in and held an award ceremony at the end. While we ate, the guys performed a song one or more of the men wrote, lyrics found at the bottom of this page, although it may not seem to make much sense. Much of it is based of things we tend to say all the time, games we play in the ministry and other inside jokes. In this award ceremony, each guy had made an award for each woman, lifting them up for something in their character.
I don’t think there was any way any of us could have felt more loved or encouraged on this night. We all definitely have some amazing people in our lives!

“They Encourage us”

All I wanna say is that they encourage us (4x)

Shine bright like a diamond

Everybody playing Mau

Double, Sandwich

Everybody rat slap

Really, Really

Everybody owes a car

Catchphrase, what if?

Everybody game crazy

All I wanna say is that they encourage us (2x)

Hug me, tickle me,

hey another penalty

Midweek, Bible Talk

Getting their praise on

Superheroes, watching bags

Build a bridge and get over it

All I wanna say is that they encourage us (2x)

Tell me whats become of my day

Now that I have friends that love me

Am I a victim of the game?

4 pics, 1 word

I was yet to be a victim of a trick

until someone took my Chinese food

but never have I had a sister fake her own death

but that’s not it

Anime, Disney

Everybody get animated

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings,

Everybody nerd it out,

Switched at birth, Doctor Who

At least it’s not Twilight

All I wanna say is that they encourage us (2x)

I really like encouragement dates

I just don’t wanna get lost in Arvada

But I don’t mind getting wands or scarfs

You know I really don’t wanna see

the next paranormal activity

But as long as it’s not ice skating

I can keep my sanity

They like to

braid hair, ASL

Speak Spanish, Japanese

Blues dance and blush

Squeak, squeak

snort, snort

Snowboard, go camping

also some field wrestling

All I wanna say is that they encourage us (3x)

prayer stones


What you will need:

  • A jar or vase
  • Stones
  • A sharpie
  • Paint (although you could also use a sharpie)

How does it work?

Each morning you draw a name from this “Prayer Jar” you create. The name you get is someone you pray for throughout your day and perhaps send a text message to/call to let them know you were thinking of them. This has the power to not only encourage another person, but help your relationship with God as well, because you’ll be communicating with Him!

How to:

  • Paint “Prayer Jar” on the vase or jar you’ve picked out
  • Write the name of friends, family, people in your ministry ect. on stones to place inside the jar.
  • Pray!

This is a pretty simple project that can end up going a long ways! As you can see I decided to use rocks in my jar but you could just as easily fill your jar with pieces of paper or anything else you can write a name on.